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Road Opener Candle & Petition Service

🕯️ 7/10Road Opener! Portal Candle & Petition Service ðŸ•¯ï¸

📅 Date: July 10-11


Venus and Neptune's energy will create a magical portal to love, success, increased happiness, amazing abundance, good fortune, opportunities for romance, and more! This powerful energy will give you a boost in the right direction. 🚀💖🌈


Join us to open your roads and embrace the magic! 🌟🔮


Explanation of the Energy of Venus and Neptune


On June 10-11, the combined energies of Venus and Neptune create a harmonious alignment that acts like a cosmic amplifier for positive energies and intentions. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance, merges with Neptune, the planet of dreams, intuition, and spiritual insights. This blend fosters a magical atmosphere ripe for manifesting love, success, happiness, and prosperity. It’s a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds thins, making it easier to tap into divine guidance and attract the energies you seek. This alignment opens a portal to new opportunities and enhances your ability to bring your deepest desires into reality.


This listing is for your candle and petition service. Candlelit and offered by to petition to opening of roads, remove obstacles from your path, keeping the road open for opportunity, opening doors to luck, prosperity, abundance, good health, love, and reaching your goals. Be prepared. It will open your road by any means, prove your strength and invite major blessings into your life.


This service specializes in enhancing areas of everyday life where an opening is needed. It will take place on The Conjured Saint's sacred altar, which will be adorned with incense, offerings, roots, powder, oils, and flora meant for drawing opportunity, luck, and abundant energy and deities. Candles will be dressed and fixed for your specific intentions and goals.


Please leave your request in the "note" section upon payment in the CART BEFORE CHECKING OUT!!!! And I will light a candle dressed in my oils for your goal.


Disregard the download. Reports can take up to a week to longer.

Road Opener - 7/10- Portal Candle & Petition Service - Opening of Roads

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