7 MACHO- Pre Spell Wash, Multi-purpose, Money, Love, Protection
Siete Machos is a precious and mysterious essence ancient South American recipe. It is used against the evil eye to ward off the negativity for security purposes and to facilitate any work in the negative. Siete Machos perfume/cologne have been used for their positive effects on the mind-body and soul. It can be worn alone or mixed to create other magical creations. They are often used in spiritual baths as well as blessing objects.
It is the perfect lotion to attract love, victorious, and find new opportunities.

Interpretation and Symbolism


  • founded in 1930 based on a variety of essences, flowers, and natural extracts harvested by Mexican Indians, who mixed this different aroma.
  • A label with a golden frame symbolizing abundance
  • A cauldron with tongues of flame represents faith to accomplish what you set out.
  • 7 male goats representing, on one hand, the number seven cabalistic and good luck on the other side rafters symbolize male strength and perseverance.
  • All supported by a red bar which means love, the essential substance of human relationships.
  • A black package that adds elegance, seriousness, and mysticism.


To love him seven males Lotion recommended as follows :

-          Seven red rose petals.

-          7 drops of lotion seven males.

-          7 drops of honey.

This mixing in two liters of water and apply after bathing from head to foot, with great faith asking the love of your life comes..



7 MACHO- Pre Spell Wash, Multi-purpose, Money, Love, Protection