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Altar Ancestors Cloth Set up- Blessing, Gratitude, Ancestral Lineage.

This altar cloth is a form of sacred geometry to honor ten generations of your ancestors. You are the grandchild of 2046 genetically related ancestors in ten generations. This design does not include aunts, uncles, siblings, or cousins it is only your 2044 grandparents, two genetic parents & you. This altar cloth can be used as a tool to assist with gratitude, invocation, acknowledgment, alignment, blessing, and, if intended, dismissal or healing of the past, present, and future construct of ancestral lineage.


Most ancestors of ten generations ago lived without electricity. They were walking the earth, attuned to different survival skills, spiritual practices, and life cycles. There may be knowledge for you to gather from the ancestors of Beforetimes. Even if you do not know the names or lives of your genetic parents or grandparents, you carry the history and imprint of their knowledge and wisdom in your DNA. Your inherited DNA includes a weave of innate and experienced wisdom, challenges, and strengths. Of course, you are also sovereign in how you choose to awaken, harness, or unbind yourself from this genetic inheritance.


You will receive one cloth, an ancestor candle, and three pocket crystals. 

Altar Ancestors Cloth Set up- Blessing, Gratitude, Ancestral Lineage.

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