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Aphrodite Ritual Incense By Rosarium Blends- Love and Sex

Aphrodite ritual incense by Rosarium Blends is hand-crafted with the intent to help invoke and connect with the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, prosperity, attraction, and sexual rapture. She is Venus, the morning star. In love or in lust, burn this incense to open your heart and invoke the power of this goddess. This incense invokes her; it is her charm to surround you and fill you with her grace in a rapturous embrace with her divinity.

One may burn in home with the intent to increase intimacy with one's lover, burn for nights of sex magic, burn in rituals to attract a lover, or to charm the pants off of others. 


Ingredients: Benzoin Sumatra, Rose Petals, Myrtle, Damiana, Sandalwood, Yarrow & Apple Seed.


May be worked with as incense, in love mojo bags, spell work, to dress vigil candles or roll the outside of to dress a spell candle.


Each incense blend is packaged in a clear square glass apothecary jar with a cork lid. Height 2″, Width 1 1/2″, and Length 1 1/2″. Capacity is 43 ml in size and holds approximately ½ -3/4 ounce of loose incense.


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Aphrodite Ritual Incense By Rosarium Blends- Love and Sex

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