Aquarius Zodiac Candle - Creativity, Manifestation, Power of the Mind

Aquarius, you know a lot of things, but you already knew that. You’re extremely cerebral and there isn’t a stone left unturned in your path. This makes you a lot of fun for friends when discussing the Universe, politics, religion, conspiracy theories, or any other socially taboo topic that you excel at. As long as you’re coming off as respectful (which you usually do), people enjoy bouncing ideas off of you. Just make sure to hide the fact that you think you know more than them about EVERYTHING. The rest of the Zodiac knows a few things, too.


Like your friend Pisces, you desire to make the world a better place, but you were blessed with the air sign ability to lead with your head. This makes you highly effective at doing what you do best: humanitarian things to change our collective reality. Keep on doing what you’re doing. When radical change occurs and the fates quake, it’s usually you on the front lines next to Aries, (who does the violent part of the work for you). Thank you.


And let’s be honest: you are one of the best people to party with. You’re an open-minded conversationalist with some cool ideas that leave people nodding in approval, thinking, or with their mouths agape. As a partner, you make sure your mate is never bored, simply by being you.


o celebrate your unique and benevolent nature, Aquarius is adorned with Angelite for soothing vibes, to dispel anxiety, and to aid in spiritual growth and self-expression. Tumbled amethyst and labradorite relive stress, enhance psychic abilities, calm the spirit, impart strength, and protect your aura. Clear quartz points call good energy to you, while a painted wax coin represents the, “Goddess of Wisdom.” An air plant accompanies this candle, just so I could have the chance to lovingly call you an airhead. Plant care instructions included.

*Plants vary in size and style. Must be removed before burning.


Aquarius Zodiac Candle - Creativity, Manifestation, Power of the Mind


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