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Aura Borealis Amethyst Record Keepers Point- Spirit Guides, Psychic Gifts

With the iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows, this Aura Amethyst stimulates both body and spirit through its powerful vibrations. Amethyst is a gem of Source connection, balance, and tranquility. It activates the Crown Chakra– your portal to the celestial realms. In aura-treated form, amethyst is magnified to become the ultimate stone of peace and divine clearing. Gemstone generators channel energy from Earth to sky, from Root to Crown – making them powerful altarpieces or meditation companions.

This listing is for one (1) Aura Amethyst -Aura Borealis Amethyst Record Keepers Point Measures about 4in tall. This is a rough point that has been lightly polished. 


Record-Keeper crystals are quite desirable because of their unique attributes and abilities. The moment you locate that little triangle on the face of a crystal, you know that it’s even more special than you originally thought. Record-Keeper crystals can grant you access to valuable information, assist you in doing some serious past-life healing work, take you on journeys unlike any you’ve ever experienced, and so much more.


Record-Keeper crystals have very unique energy, matched only by their unusual appearance. These crystals can be identified by the appearance of raised or sunken “record-keeper” triangles on the faces of the crystal.


The record-keepers are typically formed when mineral-rich solution flowed over protrusions on the surface of the crystal point.  They are normally found on only a few of the crystal faces (not all) and they show the direction of the fluid flow as the geologic event that formed them was occurring.  Although most commonly found in minerals of the Quartz group (i.e. Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, etc.), record-keepers are also sometimes present in the Corundum group (i.e. Ruby and Sapphire stones).


Many intuitive and healers believe that these record keeper triangles can be used to access information stored within the crystal.  Some people think that these represent data or information implants that are actually within the stone itself and that you can access this through meditation or simply by making it your intention to consciously access the information that may be stored in the crystal.  These crystals are often used to access the knowledge and wisdom of ancient civilizations and peoples (or of your ancestors).


These crystals have also been shown to activate dormant intuitive abilities and enhance one's psychic skills.  In particular, these crystals can help the user to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience.  For this reason, record-keeper crystals can be successfully used in meditation in order to connect and communicate with your personal spirit guides.


You will receive this one show.


Aura Borealis Amethyst Record Keepers Point- Spirit Guides, Psychic Gifts

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