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Baba Yaga Ritual Image House Candle- Witchcraft,  Witchery, Protection

Baba Yaga is a Slavic / Russian witch and crone who lives in her enchanted and protected hut in the forests who is skilled and knowledgeable in magick, divination, witchcraft and herbalism.


Baba Yaga can be called upon for a variety of reasons and be worked with such as for:

  • Healing
  • Witchcraft / Witchery
  • Herbalism
  • Protection 
  • All things magic


Opening for the spell (this can be done as a circle or sacred space casting)

Powers of Air
Powers of Fire
Powers of Water
Powers of Earth

Energy of the Moon
Energy of the Sun
Energy of the Stars

Secrets of the Forests
Secrets of the Animals 
Secrets of the Ancestors

I cast this circle in the name of the Goddess of All.
Protect me from all above and below herein.

This circle is cast and sealed.


Give offering of vodka in a glass, shot glass or special cup:

Oh Baba Yaga, accept this vodka offering.


Give offering of cigarettes (1 or 2) or a small amount of tobacco in an offering bowl:

Oh Baba Yaga, please accept this offer of tobacco.


Light the candle and recite:

Baba Yaga, give me healing.

Baba Yaga, give me the wisdom of witchcraft.

Baba Yaga, visit me in my dreams.

Baba Yaga, show me the secrets you wish to bestow upon me.

(Recite 9 times.)


You will receive one candle<3

Baba Yaga Ritual Image House Candle- Witchcraft, Witchery, Protection


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