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Monthly Wealth Ritual 6/28- Candle & Petition Service -Prosperity & Wealth

28th of June 2024.


28 is the number of wealth in #numerology




Capital B = 28th letter


People with a 28/1 Life Path or born on the 28th tend to be very wealthy.

They have a 30 percent chance of becoming rich.

They enjoy a luxurious lifestyle since the number 28 embodies feminine energy.

They have the ability to turn any idea into a profitable venture.


Every month, we perform one money magick (prosperity ritual) service. Each service is performed on the best day of the month for money, based on the most prosperous astrological events of that month!


The Prosperity Service is performed to increase luck in stubborn areas, such as employment and business opportunities, debt, and financial stability. This service specializes in enhancing areas of everyday life where prosperity is needed. It will take place The Conjured Saint's sacred altar, which will be adorned with incense, offerings, roots, powder, oils, and flora meant for drawing luck and abundance of energy and deities. Candles will be dressed and fixed for your specific intentions and goals.


The Conjured Saint has created a ritual service packed with sacred prayers, offerings, and manifestation magick to help you make the most of this blessed astrological transit and bring good fortune into your life! Please visit our Services page in the Shop and select the prosperity service option to participate. Leave a short petition outlining your goal for the service in the Comments box BEFORE checkout, and please allow up to a week or longer after ritual completion for pictures and report. Thanks for looking, and may you find magic in all that you do!


Disregard the download. Reports can take up to a week to longer,


Your assignment for this community service is to tap into the power of collective prayer. When two or more people come together in prayer, your manifestations and intentions gain strength. On the day of the service, I encourage you to not only pray for your own goals but also to unite your intentions with everyone else participating in this community service, so that together, our shared aspirations can be heard and brought to fruition. 🙏✨

Monthly Wealth Ritual 6/28- Candle & Petition Service -Prosperity & Wealth


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