Big Money -Don Juan del Dinero - Solar Eclipse  Service!

Big Money -Don Juan del Dinero - Solar Eclipse  Service!


Attract big money with my very special Don Juan del Dinero, a.k.a. Mr. Money, service during the Solar Eclipse on December 26th! This eclipse will be one for the books-- one of the luckiest eclipses of our lifetime, as it joins fortunate star Polis to bring high ambition and success, occurs during a trine between Uranus and Jupiter, and piggybacks on the energy of a powerful New Moon!


On December 26th, the New Moon is at 4° Capricorn, as the Sun and Moon align with Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance, BIG MONEY and good luck. Additionally, the trine between Uranus and Jupiter brings happy coincidences and money when we least expect them. We have a chance to attract MEGA prosperity, and involving renowned spirit Don Juan del Dinero increases these chances and heightens the favorable astrological aspects. 


Don Juan del Dinero is the folk saint or spirit of money, prosperity, and abundance in the Venezuelan spiritism cult of Maria Lionza. He has garnered quite a reputation for himself, due to his willingness to bless those who call upon him! Prayers and rituals to Don Juan have spread into the folk magic practices of many traditions and the image of Mr. Money can be found on many spiritual products sold for use in occult magic. He is traditionally invoked to help attract money and prosperity into people's lives.


I will be honoring Don Juan del Dinero with candles and offerings during a group ritual service on the 26th. To participate, please visit the services page on my Web site and select the December 26th date. At checkout, leave a short petition in the Notes section with a sentence or two about your financial goals for the near future and the coming year. Spots are limited and this is a big one, so you’ll want to join as soon as you can.


May prosperity flow freely to you now and follow you into the New Year!


Please disregard the digital download. Service reports can take about a week after the service to be sent.

Big Money -Don Juan del Dinero - Solar Eclipse Service! - December 26th


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