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Blockbuster Crystal Infused Spray-  Spiritual Dynamite! Blasting Away Blockages

Blockbuster Crystal Infused Spray- Blasting Away Blockages

Blockbuster formulas are created to be spiritual dynamite! 


Use this Spray for,

-Removing emotional blockages which are sabotaging or damage a relationship.

-Removing the influence of a person blocking you from achieving true success.

-Removing fears and old emotional gunk causing stagnation of energy.

-Removing Spiritual blockages in the areas of finance, money, prosperity, and abundance.

-Breaking up and obstacles preventing you from gaining success in your job or career.

-Removing emotional, psychological, or spiritual blockages preventing you from moving forward.

-Destroying a blockage related to legal matters, lawsuits, courts. 

-Blasting away a blockage that prevents you from personal, emotional, or spiritual growth and advancement.


The Conjured Saint sprays are concocted using a magickal recipe of high-grade essential oils, pure spring water, and mixed crystals. Blended in small batches under the energy of a waxing moon, our sprays can be used to bless the atmosphere, an object, or the body. Crafting these sprays under the waxing moon increases their powers for magnetism, courage, growth, luck, wealth, and friendship. Incorporating the sprays into your workings is sure to bring about your heart’s desires. Each vial contains 4 oz of energized spray and must be shaken well before use.

Blockbuster Crystal Infused Spray- Spiritual Dynamite! Blasting Away Blockages


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