Blue Hemimorphite Gemstone Bracelet - Adds Light to the Auric Field

Hemimorphite is an ascension stone with powerful protective, healing and cleansing properties. It has a powerful Buddha energy and adds light to the Auric field.


This is a great stone for those wanting to detach themselves from obeying the ego. Once the strength of the ego awareness subsides, the person will then achieve a new self-image filled with self-confidence and self-respect.


Hemimorphite brings about good luck and good fortune. It aids meditation, enlightenment and atonement to induce spiritual growth. It encourages one to achieve and maintain an healthy lifestyle, which can lead to self-evolution.


The vibrations of Hemimorphite will stimulate the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras which will, in return, activate the higher Chakras. Once the higher Chakras are open and activated they will begin filtering Light energy throughout the body.


This will cleanse the aura and balance the subtle bodies.


Hemimorphite influences one to communicate with compassion and empathy for all souls existing on the physical and spiritual plane.


Once the stone is picked up, it will activate. The more you use it the stronger it will become.




  • Aids communication of inner-feelings
  • Increases the triggering of psychic visions
  • Opens and clears Throat, Third-Eye, Crown and higher Chakras
  • Lifts emotions and calms the emotional body
  • Strengthens self-image, self-confidence and self-respect
  • Balances yin and yang energy
  • Encourages one to fully finish started projects
  • Aids meditation
  • Heals karmic ties between people
  • Assist in communicating with Angelic Realm and Spirit-Guides
  • Helps one reach a state of enlightenment
  • Influences one to live with a more charming manner
  • Allows one to realize their personality traits
  • Opens one up to see the truth behind the reason for their reality
  • Releases one from the feelings of anger, frustration, regret and resentment
  • Encourages one to achieve optimism
  • Helps one accept the full spectrum of their emotions




  • Relieves PMS
  • Treats Blood Disorders
  • Strengthens and Purifies Blood
  • Helps Maintain Health
  • Aids Weight Loss


You will receive I stretchy bracelet. 

Blue Hemimorphite Gemstone Bracelet - Adds Light To The Auric Field


    The Conjured Saint Ritually-Blessed Oils are crafted to enhance and promote ritual-working, spell-working and personal intent.  These spiritual recipes can be used to anoint the body or tools, burned in an oil burner, or added to ritual baths.

    Our sacred oils are hand-blended and bottled into “metaphysical battery-packs” of concentrated magick.  Each oil contains its own spiritual life force (the soul), that is harnessed by harvesting Mother Nature’s blessings.  Plants are alive, and everything that lives has a soul like essences. Roots, seeds, leaves, and petals all contain a specific metaphysical signature that is captured and magickally-infused into the oil that corresponds to each botanical’s intent and purpose. 


    The botanicals used are specifically selected by The Conjured Saint from our sacred, blessed garden and then hand-blended with blessed crystals to create powerful, divine oils.  Crystals, like botanicals, are living beings, charged with a universal life-force.  Harnessing this energizing life force into the oils allows them to continually recharge themselves.  


    The Conjured Saint oils are designed to endure through the use of Vitamin E and premium-selected grapeseed oil, which preserve their sacred shelf life. Blessed under the moon during the appropriate moon cycle, holy days of religious days of obligation, and according to the correct energy of the days of the week, each oil is its own life-force in a vial, ready to be used to enhance spell-work. The Conjured Saint oils are adaptable to any spiritual practice.

    Botanically-infused on the appropriate days to enhance their properties, the oils are then blessed on a sacred altar under the watchful eyes of the saints and steeped with the powerful crystals that harvest the energy and vitality of Earth’s divine magick.  The inclusion of crystals in The Conjured Saint’s recipes provides an energy-generating quality that is unique to The Conjured Saint spells and magickal products.

    The ritual blending and blessing of the oils is a traditional ceremony carried out amidst powerful magickal, holy, and religious relics, an altar of cascading crystal waterfalls, the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, and otherworldly intervention that completes the process.  The Conjured Saint leaves no stone unturned when formulating our oils, so that you may reap the benefits of divine Earth magick.