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Clearance Oil-  Spiritual Cleaning and Clearing Oil

Clearance Oil


Ever feel like your whole life is Mercury Retrograde? We’ve been there. Clearance Oil can help cut those unseen obstacles right the hell out of your life. Maybe someone is sending you bad juju or you’ve just stumbled across bad luck and you can’t pull yourself out of the rut. Whatever the cause, obstacles, and issues often work behind the scenes to trip us up, mess with our money, cause drama, or more. This oil attracts benevolent spirits, angels, and guides to work their magick and help clear up the problem! Use white, orange, green, or yellow candles, depending on your obstacle. This oil may also be used in a relaxing ritual bath to help “wash” stuck negative energy off of you. You may also dab a bit in the heels of your shoes to bring it with you wherever you go and encourage you toward the right path!


Made from oils of Lemon, Lavender, Verbena, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Orris, Musk, Cyclamen and the rest is my secret <3

Clearance Oil- Spiritual Cleaning and Clearing Oil


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