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Coffin Ritual Candle -RED- Release With Love- Lay a Matter to Rest, Protection

MY Dead to Me Coffin Ritual Candle Has been designed for a New Start, Renewal, Growth, End an Old Karmic Cycle and Begin a New One, or Rid Yourself of that One Evil Person Dragging You Down for Good. This Red Coffin candle can be use to release energys with love. 


Use this candle to help you start fresh, to end old karmic cycles that no longer serve your purpose, and help to breathe fresh new energy into your daily rebirth cycle.  It is important to carry on new growth by ending old cycles that no longer serves us and waking up to new ones.  This candle will help you have a moment of introspection and lay the old to rest to start fresh.  Shedding your skin and peeling the layers off can sometimes be the best thing you ever do.


Start off on a Sunday by taking pieces of paper and write on them all the things that no longer serve you and your higher self. ( Bad habits, People, etc ) burn the paper and place the ashes in the candle and then light your candle to put them to rest. 


MY Dead to Me Coffin Ritual Candle is 2x6 inches! Solid black, premium spell wax with three wicks!

These can even be used for hexing and enemy workings! Inscribe with your target's name, dress with my banishing oils, or oil of your choice and let that energy R.I.P.!

Coffin Ritual Candle Loadable -RED- Release With Love- Lay a Matter to Rest


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