Premium Spectrolite Labradorite Stone -Enhances Intuition &  Psychic Perceptions

I love this magical gem! A stone of intuition and strength, these gorgeous positively radiant Spectrolite Labradorite gemstones display a kaleidoscope of iridescent colors when the stone is viewed in the light and rotated at different angles. It's an absolutely amazing gem that exhibits vivid colors ranging from bright Aquas, golden yellows, peacock blues, reddish oranges, greens, and reds. It's a type of translucent feldspar which contains "labradorescence", which are internal fractures that create mirrored reflections that shine brightly through and out of the gemstone. When working with Spectrolite, hold it in your hands and gaze into its ethereal beauty. The stone can be cleaned with spring water. If its surface becomes cloudy, it should be put in mineral water in place in the sun for a few days to regenerate it.


Labradorite is said to provide enthusiasm, self-confidence, and inspiration. It can help dispel negativity and to bring clear understanding by enhancing clarity of thought and improving one's ability to cooperate with others in harmony. Labradorite is a wonderful stone when experiencing times of conflict and change and can help put things into perspective.


A sister to Moonstone, Labradorite links to the darker crone aspects of the goddess, and grants inner knowing of mystery. The stone enhances intuition and psychic perception and just like the cord-cutting crone aspect, it helps us to release judgments, and understand our ultimate destiny. Use it to bring light to the shadowed realms of the "self" and to connect with the power of the waning moon phase.


Gorgeous polished palm type stones, I picked every single stone out myself from a heaping pile. I felt only 10 were worthy to travel back with us to be offered in the shop. Each stone ranges in size and shape approx 2" x 1.25 x 1.5. Jumbo-sized flashy Spectrolite pieces you will adore! 


you will receive 1 palm-size stone.

Premium Spectrolite Labradorite Stone -Enhances Intuition & Psychic Perceptions


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