Unblocker Double Dressed Scented Jar Ritual Candle- Unblock and Remove

A yellow scented jar candle made with essential oils and embedded tokens to aid in prayer and ritual meant to help you unblock and remove whatever energies or obstacles are standing between you and your goals. traditional Hoodoo screened candles are perfect to work with to draw in the energies you need. This particular candle has been designed to be burned to help rid you of negative unwanted energies being wished upon you or surrounding you, self-inflicted jinxes and hex's brought on by envious eyes. Clear the dark energy on your path. Work with this candle during a dark moon phase or waning moon cycle and start to burn on a Saturday for best results.


The Conjured Saint candles are the perfect way to attract what you seek. Available in a variety of intentions and themes, our candles are gently prepared, blessed, and dressed according to the appropriate magickal practices. When you burn them, they become a channel for your desires into the outer world. This makes them the ideal companion for all of your ritual work. If you want to change the energy in your sacred space, light a candle.


Candle magick is an age-old, powerful form of spellwork, because it harnesses the intense energy of fire. Of all the elements, fire burns the brightest and demands the most immediate attention. As it licks at the air, it consumes the existing energy and expels its own creation in the form of smoke.


The Conjured Saint candles are each delicately