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Crown of Success , hoodoo , pagan, Wicca, folk magic, 7 day candle

Crown Of Success Ritual Bath Bar -Good Fortune, Success, Wisdom!


  • Sweet Oranges and Fresh Clary Sage
  • Gold and Yellow shimmering swirls, topped with Organic Sampson Snake Root, wrapped, labelled and packed in an organza bag
  • Honey Base (made with 10% added 100% Pure Natural Grade A Honey)
  • Approx 5.0 - 5.5 oz each


Ritual Bath Bars are made from luxurious soap bases, and are infused with the finest herbs, roots, flowers and berries.  Each bar includes our signature Infusions of Intent and Spiritual Philtres.

Crown of Success Ritual Bath Bar-Success in Finances, Career, Academics & School

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