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Customized 15-Day Ritual Working Exclusively Designed For You

Benefit from a customized 15-day ritual working exclusively designed for you by The Conjured Saint. During the working, I will prepare and set an altar to a saint or deity on your behalf and present prayers and offerings for your goals. This ritual service is for clients seeking powerful support, prayers, and divine intervention.


The 15-Day Working can cover finances, work, love, relationships, enemies, and more. Whatever situation is causing you grief, I can design a service to counteract it. Only the saint or deity associated with your particular situation will be cooked for, prayed to, and petitioned. Depending on the nature of the request, I will present offerings, prayers, custom lamps, honey jars, and/or wax poppets. 


Please understand that no working can be guaranteed. The results are ultimately up to the Universe to decide; however we can tempt The Fates with a display of gratitude and humility.


To get started on your exclusive 15-Day Service, please see the “Notes” section at checkout. Leave your name and birthdate, as much description as you'd like about your situation, your saint or deity of choice (if you have one), and the names and birthdates of anyone else involved. The more detail I have, the better I can serve you. I also understand the issue of privacy and can assure you anything you reveal is in complete confidence.


*Each 15-Day Service is limited to ONE situation or circumstance at a time. No refunds or exchanges.

Customized 15-Day Ritual Working Exclusively Designed For You