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BEADS: Genuine high quality 8 & 10mm Blue spotted agate natural stones.


CENTERPIECE MEDAL: This is a solid bronze hand cast solid bronze 1.5″ tall design depicting Our Lady of the Angels surrounded by 3 Cherubs.

THE CRUCIFIX: This is a solid bronze crucifix design depicting a 2″ tall replica of the Caravaca Spanish cross that St. Junipero Serra wore during his lifetime. He was a missionary from Spain that helped to build the Missions of California. He was canonized in September of 2015 by Pope Francis. The story behind the Caravaca cross dates back to the 13th century and brings with it a miraculous account of the mass.


ANGEL WING: Each design comes with the trademark Seraphym 1″ tall angel wing.


ROSARY LENGTH: Seraphym Rosaries measure between 29-32″ in length making them longer than standard rosaries. The reason behind the extra length is due in part by the wire wrapping technique that coils shut at each end of each bead. This creates a sturdy chain of beads that do not fall apart. Another factor that adds to the length is the extra components, embellishments, and medals that are used for each design.



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