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Draw Across Oil- Beyond Returning a Lover to Your Doorstep

Get them to cross oceans and move mountains for you with our proprietary Draw Across Oil.  If you’re encountering obstacles in your love life or you’ve lost the attention of your soulmate, and you’re determined to get your way, this oil can help you manifest the romance and attraction you need to get your relationship back on track!


Draw Across has been hand-blended with a bevy of premium ingredients to increase your sexual magnetism. It is potent enough to turn the head of a cheating partner back your way, but use caution! We recommend applying this oil only when you anticipate an opportunity to connect with the person you seek. Otherwise, you may attract the attention of others who could become a bother to you. Yes, it’s that strong.


Beyond returning a lover to your doorstep, Draw Across is a beautiful way to heat the passion between you and that special someone. It can also help break through a variety of obstacles, including poor communication, physical distance, meddling family members or friends, and more. If there’s an outside influence prohibiting the full growth of your connection, Draw Across can help bridge the gap.


This formula is from my family's grimoire beautiful edelweiss flowers are soaked in a base oil consisting of green lilacs, calabrian lemons, fresh basil, maguey roots, and delicate juniper the rest will remain my secret.


Add a few drops to a bowl of water and asperge your home and dress pink and lavender candles with it.


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Draw Across Oil- Beyond Returning a Lover to Your Doorstep