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Evil Eye Phone Grip Holder - Protection As You Prosper & Achieve Wealth

Stay protected with the Evil Eye
Stylish phone accessory 
Text and hold your phone with ease
Easily collapsable and not bulky
May not stick to highly textured cases - put on smooth surface of case or phone 
Easily removable!


Names for an Evil Eye 

In Hebrew Evil Eye is called "ayin ha'ra". In mainland Italian it is "mal occhio" ( the bad eye ) and in Spanish "mal ojo" or "el ojo" ( the bad eye or just the eye ). In Sicily it is "jettatore" ( the protection from the eye ) and in Farsi it is "bla band" ( the eye of evil ). The Evil Eye is also known as "ayin harsha" in Arabic, "droch shuil" in Scotland, "mauvais oeil" in France, "büsen Blick" in Germany and was known as "oculus malus" among the classical Romans.


Invoke sacred protection to banish the evil eye and curses sent by enemies, jealous people, social media stalkers, hateful entities, and anyone else who would relish in your demise, with our Lucky Eye amulet!


The Green Evil Eye hanging amulet available at The Conjured Saint has been specifically crafted to keep evil intentions away from you while attracting money and riches. As you prosper and achieve wealth, those who are jealous of your success and wish ill will on you will have their energy blocked and returned back to them. Clear your space to draw in sales, clients, financial opportunities, luck, and protection. Perfect to protect your home, office, or business.


One green evil eye phone grip, cleansed and blessed. 

Evil Eye Phone Grip Holder - Protection As You Prosper & Achieve Wealth


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