Evil Eye Pillow- Ward off evil doings, keep luck on your side.

Bring a little good luck to your home décor. This handcrafted evil eye mini pillow will not only work hard to bring you good fortune, but it makes a stylish statement on any chair or couch. Meticulously embroidered and finished with a border of complementary pom poms, this is a decorative pillow that will keep luck on your side.

Made to Order Mini Lumbar Decorative Pillow

• Makes a great housewarming gift!
• 100% white cotton fabric with playful blue pom poms
• Measures approx. 12” x 6”
• Evil eye hand embroidery in black and blue matching thread
• Spot wash cleaning is recommended
• Lovingly handmade in beautiful Greece


Throughout history there have been superstitions that have been passed down some originating thousands of years ago. The symbol of an eye has always been deemed a negative symbol in many different cultures. Turkish and Greek beliefs are equally the same but they have a embellished a Lucky Evil Eye amulet to ward off evil doings.

The envious evil eye can cause pain, injury, or bad luck to anyone on the receiving end of this glare. People who are envious or simply believe that a person does not deserve the good fortune bestowed on them also give the evil eye subconsciously. Thus the Nazar amulet was created and has been a staple in Turkish and Greek traditions.

Man has made many forms of talismans designed to ward off bad luck. Turkey, the Nazar Boncuğu is widely displayed in homes, shops, and business also a rabbit’s foot is the most common European example. The blue glass talisman is not just Turkish tradition is has also become a world know figure seen worn by many people, in forms of jewelry, evil eye key chains, evil eye bracelets, necklaces and more.


In different languages, the evil eye is known as:

  • Hebrew Evil Eye – Ayin Ha’ra
  • Turkish Evil Eye – Nazar Boncugu
  • Italian Evil Eye – Mal Occhio
  • Farsi – Bla Band
  • Arabic – Ayin Harsha
  • Scotland – Droch Shuil
  • Spanish – Mal Ojo or El Oja
  • France – Mauvais Oeil
  • Germany – Böser Blick 
  • Romans – Oculus Malus



Methods of Protection against the Evil Eye

In addition to the use of evil eye amulets, the Greeks would carry incense or the cross as protection against the evil eye. New mothers would keep objects as protection under their pillows or on their heads, and these included red, black, or white strings, a nail, gunpowder, bread, salt, garlic, a ring, indigo blue, or a pair of silver buckles. Each of these objects held a meaning which made it a good defense against the evil eye. For instance, gunpowder symbolized an ability to fight back against the evil eye. The nail symbolized strength. The indigo held its power in its blue coloring. Salt was a symbol of preservation and strength. 


Evil Eye Remedies

If these preventative steps failed, however, the Greeks had many more remedies against the evil eye. In some villages, the fur of a bear would be burned to cure the curse. In others, a gypsy would massage the forehead to get rid of the ill effects of the evil eye. 

In many countries, including Greece, Armenia, and Assyria, it is thought that a pinch on the rear will remedy the curse of the evil eye. In Europe, some Christians have the tradition of creating the sign of the cross with their hands, while at the same time pointing the index and pinky finger toward the source of the evil eye. In Bangladesh, a black dot is drawn on the forehead of children to ward off the evil eye curse. Pretty young women have a secret dot drawn in kohl behind their ears to protect against the evil eye

Evil Eye Pillow- Ward off evil doings, keep luck on your side.


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