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Exotic Sesame Oil- Hope, Opportunity, Relationships, Money, and More!

Exotic Sesame Oil—Hope, Opportunity, Relationships, Money, and More!


Reawaken your chi and open your mind to exciting new opportunities with The Conjured Saint’s Exotic Sesame Oil! This is one of our favorite creations. It helps focus your chi, balance your energy, and attract exciting new circumstances! Get your heart pumping, clear your mind, and boost your energy, so you begin to experience life’s gifts with a renewed purpose!


Perfect for anyone who feels stuck in a rut, foggy, tired, or hopeless, this blend is made to reawaken your “groove.” It is hand-brewed with ingredients that lead to new ways of living. Attract a better job, a good lover, opportunities for travel, new friends, hot sexual encounters, lucky experiences, and more. If you feel like you’ve forgotten yourself, sold out, or you struggle to see the good around you, Exotic Sesame Oil can remind you of your blessings and help attract more.


This oil is perfect for use in ritual baths, during candle magick, to anoint the body, and during road opening spells. Not safe to ingest. Always apply a dab on a small area of the body before heavy use, to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction. Sold as curio only.

Exotic Sesame Oil- Hope, Opportunity, Relationships, Money, and More!


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