FEMALE-Black Figure Candle- Protection, Removal or Hex Work

Black Female Figure Candle

7” High, 2” Wide

custom made from spell wax.


This listing is for a BLACK FEMALE candle. BLACK is for protection, dark Goddess worship, dark/new moon, scrying, cursing, hexing, jinxing, or crossing. You will receive ONE, custom-loaded if need, hand-poured, authentic, 7.5 inch tall figure candle. Thanks for looking! Curio only. Always exercise caution with candles.


Black-Figure candles are burned to curse, hex, trick, or banish another person. One burns a black figure candle of one’s self to banish negativity or eradicate bad habits.


To Banish the Bad Man or woman, one should anoint a Black Male Figure candle with Banishing Oil, and fume with Banishing Incense. Once the candle has burned, bury the remaining wax away from one’s own property, or cast it into a river.


To Hex the Bad Man or woman, anoint with Black Arts OilCrossing Oil, or Bat’s Blood Oil. One may wish to stab the candle a few times with one’s blade, or with pins (taking care not to pierce the wick). Fume with Black Arts Incense, and concentrate on the most awful desire of your heart. Bury the spent wax on the Bad Man’s property.


To Banish negativity or bad habits from one’s self, anoint the candle with Banishing Oiland fume it and one’s person with Banishing Incense. One may choose to burn an effigy of the negative condition in the flame of the candle, or inscribe the candle with the bad habit or baneful thought. Cast the spent wax into the river, to be carried out of one’s life.


Figure Candles

The term “Figure Candle” usually refers to a candle in the shape of a human being. These males and ladies are depicted nude – if for no other reason than to differentiate the two. One burns a Figure Candle to cast a spell on a person – another person, or one’s own self. Because the human form of the candle is rough and without detail, one should inscribe or carve as many personal details into the candle as possible to emulate the person represented. One should carve the full name of the person, their birthday, nickname, and any pertinent personal information  into the candle. (Be gentle.) One may also carve any identifying marks, such as scars or tattoos into the candle. The more detail is added, the more accurate the representation will be, and create a stronger connection to the person of interest. If possible, one should always add a bit of the person to the candle – hair, nail trimmings, fluids. This will create the strongest bond. One may also position a picture of the person of interest near the burning Figure Candle to help focus. (One may use a mirror if burning a Figure Candle for one’s self.)


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FEMALE- Black Figure Candle- Protection, Removal or Hex Work


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