Fertility & Conception Oil- Enhancing Fertility, Supporting Conception, Family

This is the ultimate blend for fertility when needing a boost for conception. And aiding in building a healthy happy foundation for a family. This oil also is for clearing of unwanted negative energies and spiritual blockages that may be thwarting you clearing the path for renewed fertility, creation, purity and new beginnings.


Use as a pulse point oil by dabbing on the temples and wrists. Use red candles for candle magic. Also, blue candles if you want a baby boy and pink candles should you hope for a baby girl. May you be blessed 


Created with


  •  White Oak & Red Cherry Bark- White Oak is used for purification, fertility, wards off negativity, strengthens family unity. Wild Cherry Bark is used for love, romance, seduction, compassion.


  • Mandrake Root- (fertility, protection, health, attracting love) Mandrake Root was associated with the superstitious belief that it promoted fertility and conception in barren women. The mandrake root was consumed in very small amounts, cut into an amulet to wear on the body, or put beneath the bed. The Genesis story revealed that Rachel and Leah believed that mandrakes promoted conception.


  • Mugwort -(increases lust and fertility) Unani healers of India used mugwort in fertiliy teas. Native Americans used to rub the herb on their body to protect themselves from ghosts. and also they used it in Fertility Rituals.


  • Raspberry Leaf- (fertility, love, attracts love, maintains relationships) This magic herb has connections to motherhood back to antiquity. In ancient Greek mythology, the nursemaid to Zeus pricked hr finger on the thorns of the raspberry, and her blood dyed the berries red. Logically enough, raspberry leaf is a good component for fertility charms. In Hoodoo, a woman can make a bath of raspberry leaf to keep her man at home and to solidify her marriage.


  • Mistletoe:  Most sacred "tree" of the Druids and rules over Winter Solstice. Berries are poisonous Protection, love, fertility, health, exorcism Not quite herb, not quite tree, beyond the limitations of classification, freed from the restrictions of convention, and resembling a constellation of stars suspended in midair from the bough of a sacred tree - such is the "spirit" of this plant. It belongs to the in-between times of dusk and dawn, or the exact interval between two seasons. It is a gateway to something "other". In Italy, there is an old tale of a radiantly beautiful fairy that appeared to a certain knight with the image of the crescent moon and the Holy Grail at her feet. In her hands she held a sprig of mistletoe. She told the knight that the mistletoe was what kept her eternally young and beautiful. Mistletoe should be cut on Midsummer's Day, or else when the moon is six days old. Druids would use a golden sickle to cut it and it wasn't allowed to touch the ground. It is traditionally hung in the home at Yule, and those who walk under it exchange a kiss of peace. Bunches of mistletoe can be hung as an all-purpose protective talisman. Long used for protection against lightening, disease, misfortune of every kind fires and so on. Laid near the bedroom door, mistletoe gives restful sleep and beautiful dreams, as it does when placed beneath the pillow or hung at the headboard. Kiss your love beneath mistletoe and you'll stay in love. Burned, Mistletoe banishes evil. Its wood is a good choice for wands and ritual implements. Mistletoe is an excellent all-purpose herb.   Use in spells for protection, Love, Hunting, Fertility, Health, and Exorcism. Also Called: Birdlime, All-Heal, Druid's Herb, and Golden Bough.


  • Yellow Dock- (fertility, healing)


  • Myrtle- (love, fertility, protection and healing) Myrtle is used for love, money and riches, creative work, youth and fertility. If grown on each side of a house love and peace will reside within and it is a lucky plant to grow in window boxes if a woman plants it. and a strong ais in fertility.


  • Citrine-  (Success Stone, Merchant's Stone, Personal Power, Mental focus, Creativity, Positivity, Abundance, Constant Flow Of Money) Citrine is well known in crystal work as a success and prosperity stone to the point that it is called the "Success Stone." It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas, and in many ways. It is particularly used to promote success in business if used in the cash box of a shop, carried or worn, earning it another nickname, "Merchant's Stone." In addition to manifesting abundance, citrine also brings energies of generosity so that the prosperity and success is shared.


  • Master Root- They call it “Master" because it masters everything! Hard to find herb. Protective powers, ability to remove hexes, and known for being a mother's of all herbs. Draws Powers of luck. promoting total success in every aspect of your life and achieving your goals.


  • Rose  Quartz  (unconditional love, self love, caring, kindness, romantic love, friendship, restores trust and harmony, opens the heart at all levels, dispels negativity, forgiveness)

Fertility & Conception Oil- Enhancing Fertility, Supporting Conception, Family


    The Conjured Saint Ritually-Blessed Oils are crafted to enhance and promote ritual-working, spell-working and personal intent.  These spiritual recipes can be used to anoint the body or tools, burned in an oil burner, or added to ritual baths.

    Our sacred oils are hand-blended and bottled into “metaphysical battery-packs” of concentrated magick.  Each oil contains its own spiritual life force (the soul), that is harnessed by harvesting Mother Nature’s blessings.  Plants are alive, and everything that lives has a soul like essences. Roots, seeds, leaves, and petals all contain a specific metaphysical signature that is captured and magickally-infused into the oil that corresponds to each botanical’s intent and purpose. 


    The botanicals used are specifically selected by The Conjured Saint from our sacred, blessed garden and then hand-blended with blessed crystals to create powerful, divine oils.  Crystals, like botanicals, are living beings, charged with a universal life-force.  Harnessing this energizing life force into the oils allows them to continually recharge themselves.  


    The Conjured Saint oils are designed to endure through the use of Vitamin E and premium-selected grapeseed oil, which preserve their sacred shelf life. Blessed under the moon during the appropriate moon cycle, holy days of religious days of obligation, and according to the correct energy of the days of the week, each oil is its own life-force in a vial, ready to be used to enhance spell-work. The Conjured Saint oils are adaptable to any spiritual practice.

    Botanically-infused on the appropriate days to enhance their properties, the oils are then blessed on a sacred altar under the watchful eyes of the saints and steeped with the powerful crystals that harvest the energy and vitality of Earth’s divine magick.  The inclusion of crystals in The Conjured Saint’s recipes provides an energy-generating quality that is unique to The Conjured Saint spells and magickal products.

    The ritual blending and blessing of the oils is a traditional ceremony carried out amidst powerful magickal, holy, and religious relics, an altar of cascading crystal waterfalls, the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, and otherworldly intervention that completes the process.  The Conjured Saint leaves no stone unturned when formulating our oils, so that you may reap the benefits of divine Earth magick.