FULL MOON RITUAL -Feb 27TH- Customized to Your Petition, Manifestation & Needs

The Virgo Full Moon is the last of the astrological year and it carries some beautiful, empowering, and healing energies. It invites us to focus on nourishing our body and mind. We may feel drawn to do a cleanse or perhaps to clear the clutter of our environment. This sweet Full Moon should bring some ease and a reminder of just how powerful and strong we really are.


The Full Moon Ritual on Feb 27th is for those who are ready to live the life they have been setting intentions for and creatively manifesting! Reap rewards from hard work, benefit from karmic repayment, see your dreams become reality, and attract good luck with supportive lunar energy. At this time, the moon will provide divine guidance. It is important to remain consciously aware and pay attention to all signs, synchronicities, and opportunities that come your way, so you are prepared to move quickly if the moon chooses to magnetically pull you in a new direction!

During the service, a candle will be lit for your petition. The ritual itself is limited to twenty people, allowing The Conjured Saint to maximize the intense prosperity and abundance of energy for each participant. This month, the Moon focuses attention on your finances, creative endeavors, and love life. As such, this service is recommended for anyone seeking business and career rewards, financial blessings, and success in love. It is also ideal for those who need a boost to accomplish their goals, those who want to heighten their own psychic energy, and those looking to draw powerful positive energy into their lives. It must also be noted that this a cleansing moon and we must focus heavily on letting go of that which does not serve us to make room for the blessings to come.


 To participate, please leave the goal you want to reach in the "note" section before payment and I will light a candle, dressed in my custom oils, for your goal.


Please disregard the digital download. 

FULL MOON RITUAL -Feb 27TH- Customized to Your Petition, Manifestation & Needs