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Good Fortune Coin Key Chain - Wealth, Success, Power, Good News

This set of coins must-have amulet Feng Shui key chain is packed with tonnes of good fortune symbols and characters. It focuses on five areas of life pertaining to success and wealth. They are as follows:


PLUM BLOSSOM COIN for growth and prosperity. The coin is shaped to resemble the Plum Blossom Flower, a symbol of harmony and happiness.  Chinese characters for CHANG MING SHOU FU GUI are engraved on each of the coin’s petals, representing auspicious luck for prosperity and a long life. On the reverse are symbols for a good life: the BAT, for Happiness and Good Fortune, the DEER for a Long Life and Prosperous Income, the PEACH for Good Health, the MAGPIE, to deliver Good News and Success, and the INGOT for prosperous good wealth luck.


THE BA GUA HOROSCOPE COIN for protection and good luck. All 12 Zodiac signs and their Earthly Branch names are featured on this coin. On the reverse are eight trigrams of the Ba Gua. This is a strong amulet for good luck and to fend off evil energies.


THE DRAGON AND PHOENIX COIN for a harmonious relationship and happiness in marriage. On this coin are inscribed the characters for LONG FENG CHENG XIANG, which means the Dragon and Phoenix are bringing auspicious blessings for a bountiful marriage with male descendants and boundless success and prosperity luck.


THE LOCK COIN to enhanced speculative luck. This coin is meant to keep luck from gambling at the horse races or in the stock market safe. It features the Chinese characters for JIN YI LIANG, meaning “one ounce of gold” as well as characters for NAN BU MA SI, translated as “wins at the horse racing grounds and stock markets.”


THE BAT LOCK COIN designed to keep wealth safe. It features the auspicious bat perched on top and several symbols surrounding it: the DOUBLE FISH, the MYSTIC KNOT, the WU LOU, the ABACUS, the POT OF GOLD, the FAN, the PINEAPPLE and CABBAGE – all indicating abundant good fortune and wealth. The coin also features al 12 zodiac signs and the Earthly Branch names that correspond with them. On the reverse are the 8 trigrams of the BA GUA. 


you will recieve 1 key chain.

Good Fortune Coin Key Chain - Wealth, Success, Power, Good News


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