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Voodoo, hoodoo, money, spellwork

"Good Fortune Powder"


1 3/4" (4cm, 12.5ml) Bottle, wax sealed
(NOTE: Color of Wax Seal, Color of Key Charm may vary)

This 8 ingredient Good Fortune Powder is handmade and our process is quite intensive; the usual components of Allspice, Basil, and Abrecamino Wood are amplified with our traditional craft process of Ash work and other protective, fortunate, elements and ingredients (some of which shall remain nameless). A little goes a very long way, indeed. (This powder is highly concentrated.) We have included a little "charmed" key around the bottle neck; often times good fortune follows a newly opened door, or solution, and this is our intent. The Key symbolizes new opportunities and "answers". The bottle is sealed with gold, Pentacle stamped, sealing wax.

Good Fortune Powder- Incredible Luck, Good Fortune, Prosperity


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