Group Love Spell Service -JULY 28th- Best Day For Love Intentions

July 28th Love Service

Celebrate the return of Venus direct and welcome love into your life with open arms on July 28th, when The Conjured Saint performs a power-packed love and romance ritual service!


Our spell services are based on the best numerology and planetary alignments to boost outcomes, and the 28th is brimming with loving feelings and good vibrations. This is the day Venus, which was retrograde recently, leaves its shadow period and returns to her full glory. As Venus is the planet of love, it is the best day of the month for love workings to draw tenderness, affection, understanding, sweetness, romance, passion, and even self-love into our lives!


As we begin this new Venus Cycle, we may feel stronger in our hearts and more open to new waves of Love. If you are attached, your love life will benefit from your increased tenderness. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level through deep conversation, smooching, and cuddling is the perfect way to make the most of this energy, though tantric sex would be enjoyable at this time. Starting with a massage and whispering sweet nothings will boost sex drive and may very well lead to the best sex of your life! This aspect allows us to express ourselves gently and safely, making way for deeper understanding and connection. Activities that are relaxing, beautiful, entertaining, or amusing are favored at this time.


Flying solo? Your sexual magnetism and attractiveness will be undeniable at this time. Get out there and feel good about yourself. If you are open to new opportunities, they will surely present themselves. This service is all about the grateful heart, which we know leads to further blessing