Gypsy Gold Group Spell Service -DEC 19th- Draw in Money from Unexpected Places

Attract money, discover unexpected advantages and opportunities, and silence your enemies with The Conjured Saint’s Gypsy Gold Service. This group service has been designed to emanate the free spirit and good luck of the beautiful gypsy, who wanders freely with no worries and trusts in Spirit to always provide. Gain confidence and belief in your own abilities when you let go of the people and things hindering your success.


During Gypsy Gold, offerings are set to encourage money from unlikely sources to grace your path, as well as stop evil gossip and malicious intentions from hurting your reputation and opportunities. The properties of this Gypsy Gold working are carefully created to help draw in money from here, there and everywhere, while helping to reassure you it will be okay and protecting your achievements.


A candle will be lit for your intentions on my sacred altar and placed amidst authentic gold coins and an antique gypsy statue. Prayers will be said to your ancestors and guides to steer you towards