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Handmade Bone Die, Viking Dice, Medieval Dice, Carved Dice, Betting Dice

Bone Dice of Divination | Psychic Magic Dice Dice have been used for divination and predictions for thousands of years. Long before tarot cards, astrology, rune stones, etc, dice were cast to gain an insight into the future and the unknown. The term for divination by casting dice, or small objects as lots, is cleromancy. African witch doctors of certain tribes use dice for this purpose, although their dice are not the standard ones we use.


These dice are handmade from cow bone and are made the way dice were made for centuries before industrialization made all such items identical. Dice vary slightly in size and finish rolling true to history, and are a wonderful accessory for any gamer or reenactor!

The listing is for 2 dies, and shipping is combined for those who order many.

Dice size depends on the thickness of the bones they are made from but tends to be around three-eighths to half an inch square.


Astragalomancy, which is a form of Cleromancy, is divination by use of dice. It is an ancient form of divination and is still used by many when seeking answers to the unknown.


One of the most common forms of Dice Divination used today is accomplished by using three dice.

The diviner will either draw out a circle, roughly eight inches or so, on a piece of paper or on the ground. Some diviners have a simple mat which they use for this that will have the circle pre-drawn. The question is posed and the dice are cast.


To determine the meaning of the reading the diviner will first examine if any dice have fallen outside of the circle.


1 dice outside - Difficulties lie ahead

2 dice outside- Arguments and Quarrels are likely

3 dice outside- A sign of luck and success (no reading needed)

The dice that land within the circle are totaled up and their sum indicates the message.

0,1,2 - No answer available. Ask another day

3 - a change in circumstances will happen soon

4 -  Unpleasantness, arguments, misunderstanding

5 - Unexpected surprise or information, your plans, and wishes will be fulfilled

6 - Loss of some kind, most likely financial, possibly material, or a relationship

7-  Potential hardships, gossip, finances, etc. They will eventually be resolved

8- You should not act too hastily, lack of discretion may lead to misfortune

9- A possible union in love or in business, success in romance and/or gambling
 10- New beginnings, possibly a birth, or a new job/promotion

11- Potential loss of a person, death, short term illness; or the return of a person who was estranged from you

12- Important communication will arrive soon, seek counsel if it is a legal matter, the potential for a large sum of money

13- Continuation on your current path will lead to misery and difficulty

14- A friend or relative will offer their assistance, possibly a new romance arrives 

15- Proceed with caution, avoid starting new projects for the next week, do not be drawn into gossip

16- A short trip will provide relief, entertainment, and potentially profit

17- Change of perspective, adjustment to plans may be needed, be receptive to the counsel of others, even those whom you don’t know

18- Luck, Success, Blessings, Attainment, and Fulfillment.


Some additional items to note

*If two dice fall one on top of the other while throwing the dice it means that you will receive a gift. Re-throw the dice for your reading.

*If you are throwing the dice on a tabletop and one falls on the floor, you may lose a friend

*It is said that the dice shouldn’t be thrown on a Monday or Wednesday, nor should they be thrown more than three times for the same person in one day.

Handmade Bone Die, Viking Dice, Medieval Dice, Carved Dice, Betting Dice


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