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Hearth Herbal Blessing Candle- Bless & Protect

Bless yourself and your home with Hearth, shining protective light upon you and your family. Hearth spell candles prevent entry from unwanted guests, and spread love through beginning at the heart of the home. These are a best seller for their efficacy in home/family protection. Make sure to have enough for each week!


This candle can be dressed with oils, herbs, and various ingredients to further define the intention of use (refer to *Caution* below). We encourage the use of this candle when dealing with spiritual intruders, or seeking domestic peace. For additional potency, carve your intention along the side of the candle before lighting.


❖ What: Hearth Spell Candle
❖ Size: 6in
❖ Weight: 6.35 oz
❖ Burn Time: 48 hours
❖ Scent: Warm Sweet
❖ Material: Refined Paraffin Wax
❖ Made with botanically based & sourced fragrance oils
❖ Made with Calendula & Juniper
❖ Paraben free, gluten free, lead free
❖ Hand poured in small batches


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Hearth Herbal Blessing Candle- Bless & Protect


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