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Hecate Ritual Image Candle & Oil- Lunar Power, Protection, Magick

Acquire divine guidance at a crossroads, invoke protection, or tap into lunar power and magic with The Conjured Saint Hecate Candle and Oil. Carefully blended to honor the mighty goddess Hecate, this oil strengthens your own magical powers and borrows those of Hecate during a ritual or when you need advice.


Hecate is the Greek goddess of the Crossroads, the underworld, magic, and the moon. Due to her access to the underworld, she is revered as the “Queen of the Night,” but because she is associated with white magic, she also embodies light energy. When seeking the sacred feminine, Hecate is the goddess to call upon, due to her reverence as queen and connection to the moon and water. We see her influence in the modern interpretation of Halloween witches. Although she seems dark, she cares deeply for women, babies, shepherds, and sailors. Hecate is often depicted as three-headed and carrying a torch or key, symbolic of her ability to guide her followers in the right direction.


The Conjured Saint Hecate Oil has a deep, earthy, and astringent scent. It is made with specific herbs that honor Hecate, including lavender, cypress, and pine. Blended when the moon is right and blessed on a sacred altar, this oil is best used to tap into Hecate’s powers for assistance in matters of witchcraft and divination, for protection, or when you seek knowledge at a crossroads. Anoint the body or magical objects, add a few drops to the bath, or rub it above your front door. 


You will receive one candle dusted in copper.  Copper is used in magic related to balancing emotions, prosperity, love, and fertility. It is also used in healing work related to joints.

Hecate Ritual Image Candle & Oil- Lunar Power, Protection, Magick

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