Hot Pink Skull Candle Box- Love, Sex, Strength, Think of Me, Stay on their Mind

Skull candles are used in a similar way to poppets, except that they are used to influence someone’s mind.

 They come in all different colors for example white can be used for healing, blessing or like white candles in general, which can be all-purpose. The red skull candles are used for love, and the green is used for money matters. Especially if someone owes you money, and you want them to pay you back.


As with any candle, choose the color according to what you want to accomplish, as well as a suitable oil and appropriate herbs. Herbs used for commanding in addition to love herbs, or money herbs are good to use.


A couple of good commanding herbs are licorice, and calamus root.


Some herbs good for love are rose, damiana, lavender.


For money, fenugreek, dragon’s blood, parsley, and/or patchouli, among others.


To begin, I like to cleanse my candles. This can be done by putting a bit of holy water on your hands, and then rubbing your hands over the candle saying something to the effect of “You are now cleansed of energies that you may have picked up along the way. You are now a clean slate.” Then allow it to totally dry. Or you could cleanse it by holding it over some purifying incense, such as frankincense.


Next you can dress it with oil. So put a bit of the oil you’ll be using to purpose in your hand, rub your hands together to get it on both palms, then stroke it onto the skull. If you are doing work to bring something in, stroke in an upwards motion. If hexing, or getting rid of something, go in a downwards motion.


you then can load the candle with intention papers, AND/or corresponding herbs and curios for your spellwork.


Be aware that herbs and paper are flammable, so you will want to use small amounts of herbs, and a small petition paper.


These Hot Pink loadable skull candle "boxes" are perfect for deploying your spells by filling the cavity with taglocks, intention papers, AND/or corresponding herbs and curios for your spellwork.


Each candle is 4 x 4 inches.

Hot Pink Skull Candle Box- Love, Sex, Strength, Think of Me, Stay on their Mind


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