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House Cleansing Spiritual Cleansing Water 7.5 oz - Spiritual Hygiene, Etc.

House Cleansing Spiritual Cleansing Water 7.5 oz


The House Cleansing Water is the ultimate solution for purifying your living space and creating an atmosphere of harmony and positivity. Crafted with intention and infused with powerful natural ingredients, our cleansing water is designed to cleanse away stagnant energy, clear the air, and invite fresh, vibrant vibes.


Formulated with a potent blend of purifying botanicals and cleansing crystals, each drop of our House Cleansing Water is a beacon of light, sweeping away negativity and leaving behind a sense of clarity and renewal. Simply spray it around your home, focusing on areas where the energy feels heavy or stagnant, and watch as the atmosphere transforms into one of peace and serenity.


Whether you're moving into a new space, preparing for a special event, or simply seeking to refresh your home's energy, our House Cleansing Water is your go-to tool for creating a sacred sanctuary of positivity and well-being. Let its soothing fragrance and powerful energy wash over you, restoring balance and harmony to your surroundings.


Embrace the power of purification and renewal with our House Cleansing Water. Elevate your home to new heights of serenity and joy, and unlock the full potential of your living space as a place of refuge and inspiration.


  • 7.5 oz bottle with flip top cap.
  • Can be added to a sprayer for the cleansing of a space.


How to Use House Cleansing Water

  • Elevate Your Space: Spritz or mist the Home Cleansing Water around your space to infuse it with positivity, creating an environment of vibrant harmony.
  • Aura Enrichment: Gently spray around yourself to cleanse and uplift your aura, fostering a sense of positivity and vibrancy.
  • Object Blessing: Use it to bless and harmonize sacred objects or altars, infusing them with uplifting energies for positive vibrations.
  • Meditative Application: During meditation or energy work, mist the area to invite positive energies, promoting a harmonious flow throughout your space.


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House Cleansing Spiritual Cleansing Water 7.5 oz - Spiritual Hygiene, Etc.


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