Indian Tobacco Candle- Strong Blessings, Protection, Abundance, Help

The Indian Tobacco Candle, also known as the “Indian Spirit” or “Brown Tobacco” candle, is a very old candle that is used for various reasons.


Traditionally anointed with “Indian Spirit Guide”, Spirit Guide”, “Blessing” or Patchouli Anointing Oil, it is also sometimes associated with the traditional “Court Case” candle spells and anointed with the products used such as “Court Case” Condition or Anointing Oil.


This candle is already scented. The scent is earthy, musky and warm. It evokes the image of tobacco. The graphic is of a a tobacco leaf and part of the plant, but you may find an American Indian chief image and has appropriate prayers silkscreened on the glass.


This candle may also be considered a good candle for Court Case spells as it is a challenge to get a plain glass brown candle without scent and images silkscreend on the glass. It is also considered a good candle to bring in your Indian Spirits from your Ancestors as the Native Americans were the original inhabitants of this land and had an established form of Justice in place when the Settlers arrived. You may also add a red “Justo Juez” (Just Judge) candle to your Court Case candle spell to boost the power of Justice in your favor.


Here is some cool info on the The Spirit of Tobacco


Tobacco is a poisonous plant. It is of the genus Nicotiana and the family Solanaceae. It is a close relative of belladonna, mandrake, datura, and henbane. It is, in a sense, the forgotten nightshade. In modern American culture, tobacco has an increasingly low status. Perhaps because of this, modern traditional witches are often reluctant to use it in their practices. It is not an entheogen and it cannot let the user achieve the same magical high as some other members of the Solanaceae family. This is not to say that it does not have a place in modern traditional witchcraft. It most certainly does.


The reader may question the classification of tobacco as a poisonous plant. Although contact with tobacco is not immediately harmful, tobacco is responsible for more deaths than any plant on the planet. I have never known anyone who has died from belladonna use. I cannot say the same about tobacco. It is also worth noting that tobacco is poisonous to the soil in which it grows. As it grows, it depletes the soil of nitrates. Without proper crop rotation, it will make a patch of land infertile.


Tobacco has a long history of magical usage, much of which I am not comfortable discussing here. Its use in Indigenous magical practice is widely attested and it has a history of use in Afro Carribean magic as well. I am not qualified to comment on these traditions, but it should be noted that its use in magic crosses cultural boundaries.


Tobacco, as previously stated, it is not an entheogen. The nicotine present in tobacco is a stimulant, not a hallucinogen. It is a superb offering to different kinds of spirits.


They delight in tobacco. The ancestors and the mighty dead will surely accept it as a gift (unless they were expressly opposed to it in life). Tobacco is associated with death. It is only natural that the dead are drawn to it. The Devil also tends to enjoy tobacco.


Because it is a poisonous herb, it is associated with Saturn and qualities of decline and decay. It is also associated with the waning Moon and the dark of the Moon. It can be used in spells of a like nature, including curses. It can be used as a banishing herb as well and can be used as a replacement for any poisonous herb in some kinds of spells (excluding, of course, entheogens when they are called for).


The spirit of tobacco is a fine spirit to work with. It is a plant that is simultaneously familiar and foreign to us - familiar in the sense that we have all encountered to it, foreign in that it is underutilized in magic. Witches who work with death would be wise to befriend it.

Indian Tobacco Candle- Strong Blessings, Protection, Abundance, Help


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