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Joan of Arc Feast Day-May 30th- Candle & Petition - Victory, Divine Guidance

This listing is to reserve a candle for you during the group service on Saint Joan of Arc Holy Day, May 30th. You will have one candle dressed, blessed, and lit in honor of your request to Saint Joan of Arc.


Saint Joan of Arc Holy Day will be venerated, honored, and praised through offerings, prayers, and dedications. She will be petitioned to assist me with my Spiritual Work and to assist you in encouraging you in faith, enhancing your courage, and supporting you to trust in spiritual guidance. This service will aid in the dissolution of fears to helping you to hold your light at times of initiation. and to lead you to victory in all your endeavors.


Saint Joan, also known as the Maid of Heaven, is often invoked for strength and courage

If you have a specific petition, please TYPE IT ON THE THE PETITION & NOTE SECTION IN CART BEFORE CHECK OUT!!!!


One candle per request, please.


Fun Facts

Joan d’Arc (Joan of Arc) – May 30th

St. Joan was only officially canonized in 1920, more than 500 years after her execution as a religious heretic. Famed as a military leader, a divinely led warrior, a mystic, and a woman of tremendous influence, Joan of Arc has become a national symbol for France and a patroness for a number of people and causes. Her official saint’s day is May 30th, but she’s also celebrated as a secular French heroine on May 8th.


Patronage: prisoners, rape victims, soldiers, horses, dovesSymbols: horses, doves, armor, swords, a military bannerOfferings: French food (especially rustic things like bread), toy horses or knights, swords, water (esp. if offering her a candle, as she was burned at the stake, so offer refreshment if using fire in her rituals)


St. Joan Home Protection Spell:-Ingredients-Small (“chime”) candles, in gray, white, or silver – one for each member of the household

A knife or sharp tool to inscribe the candles

Name each candle for a member of your household, and carve that person’s name into the wax

Petition Joan with a prayer, once for each candle

Repeat for a total of nine nights


Thanks for looking<3 ​​​​​​​

Joan of Arc Feast Day-May 30th- Candle & Petition - Victory, Divine Guidance

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