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Kuan Ti  - Anti  Robbery - Doorknob Hanger - Protect Against Burglary, Violence

Hang the Anti-Robbery - Anti Betrayal door hanger protection on the indicated sector. This Hanger amulet incorporates the Taoist power of the God Warrior Kuan Ti and the Buddhist blessings that protect against burglary, violence, and betrayal. This is thus an extremely effective amulet that guards and protects the residence. 


in China, people are confident that Kuan Kung (also known as Kuan Ti) was a real-life eminent military commander that lived in ancient China. 

This commander was so revered for his heroic feats that after his death, the Chinese started to believe religiously in his spiritual protection and patronage. In the 12th century, Kuan received the title of Duke and then Prince, and in the 16th century, he received a posthumous title of Emperor and God. 

These days, Emperor Kuan is still considered to be one of the main deities of China -he is the defender of the country, the patron saint of crafts (including trade), the god of abundance and literature, the god of war, as well as the patron saint of the police, Chinese mafia, and business people. 

He is also so popular today because he is considered to be the patron deity of wealth. You can find his figurines and images sold in any Chinese shop or online. 

The Chinese believe that they need to be protected from harmful external influences and that this can be achieved only by appealing to protective gods, especially the Gods of War. Kuan Kung is the most popular deity of war that can grant this kind of protection. The Chinese say that he is so fierce in supporting a home that demons and evil spirits will not dare to enter a house, the entrance of which is protected by the image or figurine of Emperor Kuan. 

The Kuan's image/figurine can often be found in the living rooms of Chinese houses, facing the door so that the incoming people first pay their respects to him. Alternatively, this image/figurine can be placed in the northwest Bagua sector of a home or individual room. The northwest Bagua sector is responsible for Helpers and Travel. 

There are also some affirmations that can be pronounced for attracting good people and safe trips. These affirmations need to be pronounced a few times in the sector of Helpers and Travel, where you place Kuan Kung. Following are sample affirmations: "I am always lucky with helpers. I am always surrounded by friendly and loving people. The world is filled with wonderful people, and I always meet them. Traveling is great. I love the road and I trust it. My road always shows a green light. Traveling brings me joy. I have the right to receive assistance and support from other people. I deserve it." 

The image of Kuan Kung can come in a number of designs. One of the popular ones is a bronze figurine of this deity that shows him in a peaceful posture. Another popular option is a small canvas with his image, which can be hung on a wall. 

Kuan is one of the most powerful protection symbols that could guard anyone's home against malevolent people, evil spirits, and negative energy. This god can also bring us success, happiness, and wealth. This talisman can become a perfect gift for someone you truly love and care about, such as your family and friends.


Metal hanger and wooden beads. Hanger measure 2.5" diam. 

Kuan Ti - Anti-Robbery - Doorknob Hanger - Protect Against Burglary, Violence


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