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Large Rain Forest Jasper- Powerful Wishing Granting Stone For Manifestation



These Wishing Power stones are gorgeous, polished pieces that you can hold in meditation or use for gridding. I can’t express enough how beautiful these pieces are – and each stone is a carrier of joy, of hope and happiness. With rainforest jasper, or rhyolite, you can discover your interconnection with nature and realize the endless wisdom and power that exist in this physical realm. And these pieces are of exceptional quality. The magic of these wishing power stones This is a wish granting stone. I’ve used it for this purpose for decades with much success. It helps with manifestation, especially if what you’re trying to manifest is physical wellness and abundance. Its healing, invigorating energy gives hope for the future, renewing you energetically and physically. Rainforest jasper, as its name implies, is connected deeply to the Earth, introducing you to the lessons and great wisdom of Mother Nature. This gemstone brings you into harmony with the natural world, aligning you to its balance. It helps you understand just how precious life is, how much there is to enjoy in the patterns of the world around you. These wishing power stones are carriers of joy, hope, and wisdom. May their magic serve you well. May it be for the Highest Good of all.


These large crystals are a gorgeous statement piece for a tabletop or shelf.

Each stone is unique; color and patterns will vary

Approx. 10 oz (300 g)

Approx. 2.5" to 3.5" diameter


This listing is for one (1)  LARGE wishing power stone!

Large Rain Forest Jasper- Powerful Wishing Granting Stone For Manifestation

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