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Lucky Indian Candle & Petition Service -June 18th- Fast Luck & Abundance Ritual

Lucky Indian Candle and Petition Service June 18th Fast Luck and Abundance Ritual


For centuries, people have honored Native American spirits in various spiritual practices to attract luck and prosperity. Our Lucky Indian Candle and Petition Service harnesses this ancient wisdom, aiming to bring fast luck and good fortune into your life. Each service is conducted on the most auspicious day of the month, aligning with prosperous astrological events for maximum effect.


Service Overview


In this ritual, I will be utilizing and honoring Native American spirits and guides to draw luck, purification, and abundance. This powerful service is specifically crafted to enhance your manifestations and keep your goals on track.


Benefits of the Service


- Luck in Love: Enhance romantic prospects and attract loving relationships.

- Good Luck and Fortun: Draw good luck and prosperity to your home or business.

- Protection and Purification**: Cleanse and protect your energy and environment.

- Honoring Native American Spirits and Guides**: Respectfully invoke the wisdom and blessings of Native American spiritual guides.

- Drawing in Fast Luck: Quickly attract positive opportunities and good fortune.


What’s Included


This service includes a candlelit ritual with a personalized petition. Our goal is to assist you with your goals. This ritual is especially beneficial during transformative periods, setting the stage for lucky opportunities.


Service Details


- Candle Preparation: Your candle will be dressed, blessed, and lit in honor of your request to Native American spirits and guides. These spirits will be venerated, honored, and praised through offerings, prayers, and dedications.

- Spiritual Work: Native American spirits and guides will be petitioned to assist with your goals.

- Anointed Candle: A specially prepared candle anointed with my Fast Luck and Indian Spirit oils, including tobacco oil, aimed at drawing in luck, purification, and abundance.


How to Order


Reserve your candle during our group service by providing a brief petition outlining your service goal in the Comments box at checkout. After the ritual is complete, please allow up to a week or longer for photos and a detailed report.


Thank you for your interest in our Lucky Indian Candle and Petition Service. May magic infuse every aspect of your life!

Lucky Indian Candle & Petition Service -June 18th- Fast Luck & Abundance Ritual

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