Maman Brigitte (St. Brigid) -Holy Day- February 2nd! Group Ritual Service

The Power of Maman Brigitte – Maman Brigitte is an important spirit in both Haitian and New Orleans Voodoo. She is a strong woman! She can help put an enemy in his or her place, bring success in gambling, attract easy money, make a man crazy for you or just make you all-around more powerful. She can also add tremendous strength to any magical work that is already in progress!


Celebrate the little known blending of Irish and Haitian spirituality with a very special Maman Brigitte Group Ritual Service on February 2nd! This service will be for one candle, dressed and blessed, with your request for Maman Brigitte on her Holy Day, Imbolc, February 2nd.


Below are some statistics on Brigitte, and I would be happy to perform a service to this powerful Queen on the Spirit World on your behalf. She is extremely powerful and showers blessings and protections on those who are devoted to her.


Origins: Haiti.  She is the Haitian manifestation of the Celtic goddess Brigid brought to Haiti by indentured servants from Ireland and Scotland in the 1700s-1800s.


Offerings: Tobacco, rum, kleren (a drink made by steeping hot chili pepper and black peppercorns in rum) black hens.


Sacred Place: The cemetery.  She is the Queen of the Cemetery and consort of Baron Samedi, the gatekeeper of the cemetery.


Catholic Counterpart: Loosely associated with St. Brigid, although she is rarely if ever invoked under this image.  She is often depicted as a white woman and she is believed to be a powerful witch.


General Observations: Maman Brigitte is a particularly important lwa for many reasons, not the least of which being that she demonstrates the absorbing of other cultures’ beliefs into Vaudou and also the strong feminine ideal of the religion.  The most peculiar aspect of this lwa is her physical appearance, as she is portrayed and a fierce, bold white woman in charge of her own destiny.  Her Caucasian appearance is due to the fact that she has her origins not in Africa or Haiti, but in Scotland!  As state above, Brigitte is in fact the Caribbean manifestation of the Celtic goddess. Maman Brigitte is the wife of Baron Samedi and the grave of the first woman buried in a cemetery is consecrated to her and she is also believed to protect all the graves in the cemetery that are properly marked with a cross.  Brigitte is a strong, aggressive and protective female spirit who often punishes those who disrespect the dead and fail to give them a proper burial; she is invoked for luck in gambling as well as to punish an enemy  In matters of love, she understands the importance having a stable partner who will treat you with respect.  She often calls about my women to prevent their husbands from cheating.


I have crafted a special proprietary oil in her honor, as the queen of the cemetery and guardian of all departed ancestors. She is the wife of Baron Samedi and is his female counterpart, often petitioned for blessings pertaining to healing, clearing of negative magic, and issues pertaining to the law and justice. 


Your candles will be anointed with this special blend of rum that I have infused with rich cemetery moss, garwood, ylang-ylang, patchouli root, ghost pepper, cedar, and white Lilly to invoke her blessings. 


To participate, please select her service on our services page and include a short petition in the comments section at checkout. Please allow up to a week for service reports and pictures. Thank you and may you be blessed with the fire, humor, and protection of Maman Brigitte!


Disregard the digital download.

Maman Brigitte (St. Brigid) -Holy Day- February 2nd! Group Ritual Service


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