March 6TH- New Moon Group Service- Practical Magic

The New Moon brings the opportunity to work our most powerful manifestation magick! Honoring the lunar phases is a tradition rooted in ancient spiritual and agricultural practices that began when we realized the vibrational effects that the Moon has on our psyches, bodies, and the Earth. Each stage of the lunar cycle cultivates its own unique vibrations and opportunities.


The New Moon is the best time for quiet reflection, release, and setting intentions, starting fresh, and creating goals. During this dark phase, the night sky is void of the light and guidance that our beloved Moon is known for. We are free to be our most authentic selves, with our imaginations unburdened by the pull of the Moon. We are “in our power” as much as we will ever be. Thought-seeds planted at this time will grow and our actions will create a ripple effect that will either bring us rewards or consequences, so be careful!


To use the manifestation energy of the New Moon to our best benefit, The Conjured Saint sets a monthly candlelight altar adorned with petitions, offerings, crystals, and incense. The service is open to all who would like to participate.


Each New Moon ritual is carefully tailored to reflect the current astrological influences in the night sky and harness the ultimate benefit of the vibrations being put out by the Universe.


On March 6th, the New Moon falls betwixt two powerful and bright fixed stars: Achernar and Ankaa. This is a time for wish fulfillment, success, and high status. If your goals include promotion, recognition, or the achievement of your deepest dreams, then this New Moon service is for you.


 Wednesday March 6, 2019 at 15° Pisces joins Neptune. This gives the New Moon March 2019 astrology a spiritual and enlightening influence. Harmonious aspects to Mars and Saturn give passion and practical results, and ensures you need not worry about the confusion and deception associated with Neptune.The March 2019 new moon also joins asteroid Vesta for sexuality and devotion, and fixed star Achernar for morality and success. This new moon encourages compassion but also karmic friendship and soul mate unions. In particular, this is an excellent moon phase for practical magic and making your dreams come true.


Achernar is a main star in the constellation of Pisces. A very bright star, it is located in the mouth of the astrological river Eridanus, which connects with Rigel in the foot of Orion, a resurrection god. As such, Achernar is considered very fortunate, giving success and high status.


Close by is another resurrection star, Ankaa in the astrological Phoenix. The Phoenix is a well-known symbol of rebirth, beauty, and unsurpassed excellence. Extremely rare, the special energy of the Phoenix does not manifest often and is reserved for those who shine the brightest among us. As such, Ankaa is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition, power, long life, and lasting fame. 


To participate in the March New Moon ritual, visit and find our Services page. Submit your petition with your intentions and goals in the “Notes” section under the New Moon service and your desires will be honored with a dressed and blessed candle and petition reading on the night of the New Moon. As always, many blessings and thank you for your patronage!

March 6TH- New Moon Group Service- Practical Magic


    The Conjured Saint Ritually-Blessed Oils are crafted to enhance and promote ritual-working, spell-working and personal intent.  These spiritual recipes can be used to anoint the body or tools, burned in an oil burner, or added to ritual baths.

    Our sacred oils are hand-blended and bottled into “metaphysical battery-packs” of concentrated magick.  Each oil contains its own spiritual life force (the soul), that is harnessed by harvesting Mother Nature’s blessings.  Plants are alive, and everything that lives has a soul like essences. Roots, seeds, leaves, and petals all contain a specific metaphysical signature that is captured and magickally-infused into the oil that corresponds to each botanical’s intent and purpose. 


    The botanicals used are specifically selected by The Conjured Saint from our sacred, blessed garden and then hand-blended with blessed crystals to create powerful, divine oils.  Crystals, like botanicals, are living beings, charged with a universal life-force.  Harnessing this energizing life force into the oils allows them to continually recharge themselves.  


    The Conjured Saint oils are designed to endure through the use of Vitamin E and premium-selected grapeseed oil, which preserve their sacred shelf life. Blessed under the moon during the appropriate moon cycle, holy days of religious days of obligation, and according to the correct energy of the days of the week, each oil is its own life-force in a vial, ready to be used to enhance spell-work. The Conjured Saint oils are adaptable to any spiritual practice.

    Botanically-infused on the appropriate days to enhance their properties, the oils are then blessed on a sacred altar under the watchful eyes of the saints and steeped with the powerful crystals that harvest the energy and vitality of Earth’s divine magick.  The inclusion of crystals in The Conjured Saint’s recipes provides an energy-generating quality that is unique to The Conjured Saint spells and magickal products.

    The ritual blending and blessing of the oils is a traditional ceremony carried out amidst powerful magickal, holy, and religious relics, an altar of cascading crystal waterfalls, the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, and otherworldly intervention that completes the process.  The Conjured Saint leaves no stone unturned when formulating our oils, so that you may reap the benefits of divine Earth magick.