Mercury Retrograde Service -November 17th!

Mercury Retrograde has such an infamous reputation, even those who know nothing about astrology have heard of its effects. That’s because for many, it means unexpected arguments, botched travel plans, broken electronics, traffic accidents, and coffee spilled all over your new shirt on the way to an important job interview or presentation. 


Indeed, many of my clients dread Mercury Retrograde, but I take the position that this cosmic event exists precisely for this reason. When we anticipate a retrograde coming, we are forced to examine areas of lives that are suffering and take special care to polish them, lest they become completely unraveled during the retrograde. It can be a time of great spiritual growth.


The good news is, if we prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually, we can make the upcoming retrograde a much smoother experience for ourselves and those we interact with. 


Mercury Retrograde occurs about four times per year and is the period of time when the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky, as it leaves its “closer” orbit to the Earth and travels to the further side of the Sun. From our line of vision, it appears to move forward, then backward, then forward again once it returns from retrograde. Mercury represents intellect, messages, and technological innovation. When it goes retrograde, we expect upsets to personal communication, financial ventures, travel plans, and technology. 


The Conjured Saint is offering a Mercury Retrograde Service to help clear the toxic energy and nervous anticipation that accompany Mercury Retrograde. The service is recommended for clients who typically feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde heavily and for those who seek to enter the upcoming astrological influence unburdened with emotional baggage and sour luck. By clearing ourselves of negative energy before the retrograde, we are better equipped to handle what it brings with a clear head and heart.


During the service, The Conjured Saint will light one candle for you, dressed with Mercury Retrograde Oil and accompanied by offerings, incense, and prayers for a harmonious and prosperous retrograde. 


*To participate please leave your Name and Birthday Date in memo box at checkout!

Mercury Retrograde Service -November 17th!


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