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Money Bowl Set- Starter Kit- Money Altar, $$$

Set your intentions with ease! This is the exact way I practice renewing and protecting the growth of my finances. By creating this money bowl spell, an easy spell to cast no matter your level, you'll feel accomplished with your task and connected to your intentions. Each box is filled with exactly what you need to practice your craft efficiently and with care.

(2) Green Alter Candles - Download our Candle Magic Printable for candle meaning.
(1) 2 oz Himalayan Salt 
(1) Dry Mint Leaves
(1) Lavender Incense Cones
(1) Dry Basil Leaves
(1) Cinnamon Stick
(1) Glass Match Book
(1) Green Adventure Crystal Chips
(1) Tiger's Eye Crystal Chips
(1) Dry Bay Leaves
(1) Dry Thyme Leaves
(1) Dry Rosemary Leaves
(2) Gothic Stickers
(1) Money Bowl Ritual Sticker

**Does not include ceremony bowl, candle holders, money, coins or alter cloth.


Thanks for looking <3

Money Bowl Set- Starter Kit- Money Altar, $$$, Prosperity Magic


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