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Prosperity Release Fixed Ritual Candle- Money, Debt Relief, Finances

Double action candles, candles that are half black and half another color, are used for spells to reverse negativity that has been sent to you from another person.


A double-action candle is essentially two spell candles in one - a black candle to reverse and remove negativity and a colored part to bring what you desire: green is used for issues regarding money, business, gambling luck, or career.


I will fix your candle to increase luck in stubborn areas such as employment and business opportunities, debt, and financial stability. It will aid in releasing prosperous energy to you and clearing blockages in the way of obtaining a prosperous life.


My prosperity powder will be used in dressing your candle along with herbs include crushed high john root, cinnamon, basil, crushed pyrite (fool's gold), orange zest, fennel seed, patchouli, and much more!


 A Spell is a thought, a projection, a prayer, or an enchantment. Other religions use prayer, meditation, projection, and ritual to produce an intended result. The success of the spell depends not only upon the way in which it is cast but also upon the power of positive thinking and the ability to imagine and believe in the magic being created.


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Money Uncrossing & Releasing Fixed Ritual Candle- Money, Debt Relief & Finances

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