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Nang Kwak Fortune Wealth Statue & Altar Set up-  Thai Spirit of Wealth.

Nang Kwak ⭐️


Thailand Nang Kwak is a Thai spirit of wealth.

Her images are kept in homes and stores to attract customers, business, money, prosperity, and financial stability. Immensely popular, she is considered a spiritual magnet for good fortune.


Nang Kwak may be an indigenous Thai spirit or she may be a derivation of the Hindu spirit Parvati. Like many other Thai spirits, her power is accessed through amulets created in her image. Images of Nang Kwak come in assorted sizes: small enough to wear around your neck or large enough to be the central focus of an altar.


Her image is ubiquitous throughout Thailand and in Thai restaurants around the world.


Nang Kwak's image depicts her as a beautiful, kneeling woman dressed in traditional Thai clothing. She holds a money bag securely in her lap and lifts one of her hands in a gesture of beckoning. This gesture allegedly beckons prosperity, business, and good fortune to-her devotees. 


Her feast day is every day! Is there a day when you don’t need good fortune? Compensation, Kang Kwak works around the clock for you, seven days a week, never taking time off. If you don’t want her to slack off it is a courtesy to give her offerings daily! 


Offerings She loves - Peeled Fruit, Cooked Rice, and Flowers.


You will receive 1 statue that was blessed from her temple! Her oil and 3 candles.

8x5x4 inches solid stone. 


Thank you for looking!

Nang Kwak Fortune Wealth Statue & Altar Set up- Thai Spirit of Wealth.


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