New Moon May 22nd– Recovery & Rebuilding- Candle & Petition Service

New Moon May 22, 2020 – Recovery & Rebuilding Candle & Petition Service


Get back on track, restore your energy avenues, prosper, and shine with my New Moon ritual on May 22nd! A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is the ideal time to let go of anything holding you back, so you can attract blessings!


When the moon is new, it is sometimes referred to as the shadow moon, as it appears fully dark in the sky. This reminds us to persevere toward our goals quietly. Spirit has our backs and good things come to those who are patient and determined. This is the time to plan and work for what we want, not to boast; however, we can still expect abundance at this time. When we refresh our perspectives and commit to positivity, we begin to manifest our desires immediately.


On May 22nd, the New Moon is in Gemini and trine Saturn. This cosmic energy creates a time for rebuilding, getting back to work, and making progress with longer-term goals. Progress may be slow, but Saturn gives perseverance. One thing to be wary of during this moon cycle is the continued chance for risk of infection from the coronavirus. Stay prudent and have faith, as the New Moon marks a turning point in the pandemic for recovery and rebuilding.


To participate, please visit the services page on my Web site and select the May 22nd date. At checkout, leave a short petition in the Notes section with a sentence or two about your goals for the near future. Spots are limited and this is a big one, so you’ll want to join as soon as you can. Please disregard the Digital download. Reports can take a week or longer to be sent.


Thank you.

New Moon May 22nd– Recovery & Rebuilding- Candle & Petition Service