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NOIR | Absinthe | Ritual Candle | 9oz

“Banned in Europe and the United States in the 1900’s, this Anise flavored beverage is surrounded by taboo. Although originally thought to prevent malaria, Absinthe is best known for causing deep hallucinations and altered states of reality.”


Notes of raw sugar, hyssop, fennel seed, wormwood & green anise.


L'apothicaire Co. was born from our love of botanicals and our fascination with unique fragrance pairings. We are a small-batch botanical apothecary focusing on curious fragrance assortments in both Candle and Perfume Oil form. Born from a love of timeless vintage ephemera, antiques & curiosities, and the apothecary, we strive to put forth a curiously scented array of fragrances to delight your senses...


Dimensions 2" l x 2" w x 5.8" h Weight1.1 lb


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NOIR | Absinthe | Ritual Candle | 9oz

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