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Ostara Oil - Spring Equinox, Fertility, Abundance & New Beginnings

Ostara, also known as the Vernal or Spring Equinox, celebrates the birth of spring, as the appearance of spring blossoms begin to hail life stirring within the Mother Earth after a long winter. A time in which we celebrate and manifest fertility, abundance, rebirth, and new beginnings.


This oil is made with certified organic earth kosher botanicals, including jasmine, red rose petals, sweet cinnamon, heather, daffodil, wild-harvested violets, wild-harvested clover, frankincense, myrrh and much more. Excellent for Imbolc, Ostara, and other spring or new beginnings rituals.


There are 8 festival sabbats (distinct from full and new moon esbats) in the witch's wheel of the year - 4 moon sabbats and 4 sun sabbats.

Moon Sabbats

The moon sabbats are called fire festivals and can occur anywhere between 29-59 days following the preceding solstice or equinox. The 4 moon sabbats are Samhain (Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples), Imbolg (Feast of Torches, Feast of Waxing Light), Beltane (Bonfire of Light, Celtic Lag B'Omer, Cetsamhain-opposite Samhain), and Lughnasadh (Feast of Bread, Lammas).

Sun Sabbats

The sun sabbats refer to the quarter days (solstices and equinoxes) and are based on the astronomical position of the sun. The 4 sun sabbats are Mabon (autumn equinox), Yule (winter solstice), Ostara (spring equinox), and Litha (summer solstice).

Ostara Oil - Spring Equinox, Fertility, Abundance & New Beginnings