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Palo Santo + Selenite Bundle- Dispels Negative Energy + Removes Energy Blocks

 K E Y  B E N E F I T S:


Smudging is known to remove negative energy + negative ions, which aids the body in demolishing built-up bacteria and releasing feel-good chemicals from the brain. Smudging is practiced in many cultures, but it is widely popular in the Indian and Native American cultures to promote healing and increase overall wellness.


Our Selenite crystal + Palo Santo wood bundle is the perfect combination to keep you + your home free of negative energy and filled with joy.


P A L O  S A N T O:

Palo Santo wood, which is also known as "holy wood" with its sweet, sugary, intoxicating scent, works quickly to increase relaxation and bring about feelings of positivity in any space.


S E L E N I T E:

An excellent stone for use in protection grids, Selenite is great for enhancing the properties of other stones, as well as clearing and charging them. Selenite is also one of the only self-cleansing stones. It dispels negative energy + removes energy blocks, making it the perfect protection stone.


Together, Selenite and Palo Santo wood are the perfect combination for keeping your home cleansed and free of negative energies.


I N S T R U C T I O N S:

Carefully light one end of wood using a small flame. Allow end to burn for a few seconds, then quickly blow out the flame. Place the smoking stick on a fire safe surface, such as a metal bowl, clay bowl, shell, or crystal agate dish. Keep a small dish or cup of water nearby for quick distinguishing. 


CAUTION: Use with extreme caution. Do not leave a burning or smoldering stick unattended. Keep out of reach of children.


Includes two Palo Santo wood sticks and one Selenite stick approximately 4" in length. Each bundle is unique, size + color will vary. 

Palo Santo + Selenite Bundle- Dispels Negative Energy + Removes Energy Blocks


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