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Pomba Gira Mini Ritual Candle - Wealth, Love, Protection & Sexuality

Pomba Gira Candle  ♥️♥️♥️

Pomba Gira is the epitome of female sexuality. Some say she is the female Eleggua, She is sometimes depicted as a she-devil. with horns and a tail or a beautiful gypsy woman full of vibrant life. She is worshipped with great respect as her wrath can be a force to be reckoned with. She is the patron of lovers, the queen of gypsies, and the owner of the night and its secrets. She favors women who have been treated unfairly in love and all those who have been outcasted or abandoned. She is the bringer of change! She is also a great healer of sexual problems. She is known to be a generous spirit, kind and very protective of her children, and to hold both female and male attributes. She is associated with fiery passion and all things fire. She is said to be the dark of the night who works the magic of the crossroads and gives the gift of prophecy. She can be mischievous in matters of luv, using sex as her hypnotic weapon. She luvs to dance, and be the center of attention yet approaching her can be very dangerous. She is known throughout many different cultures as a red witch and the mistress of the devil. She is also very protective of the people she cares about. She is well known to those who have HIV, AIDS, and other social diseases. Symbols: Red hearts, the 4 queen cards, a necklace with red or dark pink, and black beads. Offerings: Pomegranate juice with exotic berry-flavored wine color, cigarillos, chocolates Feast Day: February 14th Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Rubies, black pearls Animals: Coyote, Raven, snakes, and other trickster animals, as well as dogs. Entities of Similar Energy: Lillith, Mary Magdalene, Wild women everywhere.


You will receive 1 candle, great to use with my Poma Gira oil. 

Pomba Gira Mini Ritual Candle - Wealth, Love, Protection & Sexuality


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